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"But the genius narrative is overblown. Code breaking is far from a solitary endeavor, and in many ways opposite of genius. Or, rather: Genius iteself is often a collective phenomenon. Success in code breaking depends on flashes of inspiration, yes, but it also depends on the careful maintaining of files, so that a coded message that has just arrived can be compared to a similar message that came in six months ago. Code breaking during World War II was a gigantic team effort. The war's cryptanalytic achievements were waht Frank Raven, a renowned naval code breaker from Yale who supervised a team of women, called "crew jobs." These units were like giant brains; the people working them were a living, breathing, shared memory. Codes are broken not by solitary infividuals but by groups of people trading pieces of things they have learned and noticed and collected, little glittering bits of numbers and other useful items they have stored up in their heads like magpies, things they remember while looking over one anothers shoulders, pointing out patterns that turn out to be the key that unlocks the code."
Code Girls: The untold story of the american women code breakers of World War II (Liza Mundy)


Emergency Action Messages (EAM's) are encrypted messages sent through the High Frequency Global Communications System (HFGCS).

While the messages can not be decrypted by the average person, the frequency of broadcasts, and types of broadcasts are interesting.

Due to the fact EAM's and SKY KING messages can be used to direct nuclear forces it has become a hobby for some to try and detect the on-set of WW3 by looking for abnormally large amount of traffic being broadcasted.

The goal of this site is to help detect patterns in broadcasts that can be associated with real world events, and operating procedures.

All Times are listed in ZULU (GMT) time as the transmissions can be received across the globe.

You're missing entries!

This site relies on people to listen, record, and enter all EAM's they hear.
Obviously no one is listening 100% of the time.

So if you know of one that we missed; please feel free to help the community out by adding it instead of complaining that its not on here.


This site is independently ran, maintained, and paid for by a single Admin.

While there are ad's on the page for guest users, that is not enough to break even on the monthly costs.

If you find this site useful please consider donating. It will assist in covering monthly/yearly costs and also help provide funding for standing up automated recording servers.

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Please note, this site has no plans on shutting down as long as there is an active community submitting transmissions.
But due to the exponential use, increasing bandwidth, and storage use, any additional help covering the bills is welcome!



8992 & 11175

15016 & 13200
4724 & 6739

All Frequencies use the USB Filter!


Please stay out of the websdr chat in regards to EAM and SkyKing messages. If you have general radio questions thats cool, otherwise keep conversations in the discord chat!

The websdr community dosen't focus on skyking messages, but the entire radio spectrum. There are many other cool things to listen to other than the HFGCS frequency, and most of them do!

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